Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jessica's Well, Round 2

Remember that ferocious St. Bernard who made my first attempt at peeking over the fence around the well so lively? Well, someone must have given him a Xanax, because this is what he looked like today:

I swear he was much more fierce the day before.

Here is a better picture of the well and also of the backyard. Imagine it filled with drilling equipment, rescue workers, paramedics, firemen and cops. The rescue literally took over the neighborhood.

Do you see how small the well is? It's hard to believe that someone actually fit inside of it. The rescue shaft was dug parallel to well. After the rescue, the shaft was filled with dirt and a redbud seedling and chrysanthemums were planted above it, but those have since died and you can't really tell which dirt patch was the rescue shaft.

Here is a tv screenshot illustrating what was dug to rescue Jessica.

The entire rescue took 58 hours, largely because the soil was hard calachi, which is basically prehistoric cement, and very hard to drill through.


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